Even In My Wandering

Wandering can posses a couple of different meanings; going back to the temptations of this world is what most Christians think of, but, also, wandering can mean to travel and be a nomad sometimes. Recently, I’ve felt this calling of the Holy Spirit and at first, I didn’t realize it was the Spirit. Traveling the world was the calling I felt. Ever since I’ve been stuck in my town, I’ve bee itching to get out. Explore. See different people in their different cultures; stop living with first world privileges and start living how most of the world lives. With this calling and passion burning in me, I explored what I could do, I kid you not, I have five tabs open on my computer to help when traveling the world. Amongst the chaos and excitement, the devil was trying to reel me in. He wanted me to wander back to him. It worked a few times, then, I realized why this sudden interest in the world was placed in me; I wanted to do this for Jesus. Telling little kids to the elders of the town about the good news of the gospel is really all I want to do.

There is a term for this; missionaries. Given that I don’t care for labels on my sudden ideas, I’d rather not call what I want to do “being a missionary.” I’d call it “having my adventure around the world and it’d be all for Jesus.” Besides the point, I heard a line of a song go

You are true, You are true, even in my wandering

That was when I came to the realization of two very different meanings of wandering, yet both had been pulling at me.



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