Letting Go and Letting God

It being a month since I last posted, quite a bit of trials have come my way. Not only for me, though, my family as well. We are all having to deal with a summer full of health happenings. The easiest thing for people to say is, “God’s got a plan for this. Just trust Him!” Well, yeah, trust Him. That’s the easy thing to say when a friend is going through a trial. When you’re on the other side of it, though, your perspective can really change. Trusting Jesus should be easy, right? Not so much.

Trust has been the hardest thing in my salvation. Handing my whole heart over to the God of the universe without expecting it to crumble once I hand it over is not anywhere close to easy. My heart is fragile. Jesus died to save it. Done deal. Except when He shows you what you’re gonna go through, my feet tend to waver and I question my bravery. His plan is uniquely for me and is not meant to harm me.

)Jeremiah 29:11(

Maybe my faith is weak. Maybe I should know He can handle all of this, and so can I because He gives me my strength. Maybe my heart will need renewal. Maybe I’ll need to come before Him daily. Maybe His plan is better than mine. Maybe He has it all worked out. Maybe these sentences don’t need a maybe in front of them because I know He will provide.

As I go about my week, Lord, I pray that You will give me peace when the wave comes crashing over me. I ask for boldness and courage. I love You more than my heart could ever express.

More than I know.


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