Round and Round

As school is back in session for some of us, you start to notice the rush to Target for some last minute school supplies, going here and there for a first day of school outfit, and checking to see who you have classes with. With the crazy, hectic, beginning of school schedules, we sometimes forget to spend time with Christ. There’s usually two ways this goes; we stop reading our Bibles and praying to be on top of school, or, like my pastor said this week, we try to just do enough to maintain our relationship with Him and make it to the end of the school year. This really hit me and I thought about all the years at school that I’ve done that. That’s why this year I want to grow deeper in my faith and challenge myself while I’m being challenged in school.
In order to accomplish this goal I’m going to try and do a devotion in the morning right before I leave for school and at night before I dose off, read a chapter of Matthew. These goals may not be met or I may forget which is why I asked a friend of mine to be accountability partners. We both want to ultimately grow spiritually significantly by the end of this school year.
For my school, we’re already back in session and I walk from class to class looking for my friends, smiling at them, but keeping my head down otherwise. I’m starting to challenge myself to look up once in a while and smile at someone I don’t know and the few times I’ve done this I really think that person needed it. I hope y’all will do the same. Challenge yourself spiritually and in your surroundings to shine the light of Jesus.

Here’s to a great school year.


One thought on “Round and Round

  1. Sarah, I’ve never seen this before! I just read through all of them when I clicked on your twitter link. I love every single one of them. Some of them really have me inspiration in my faith. I love you so much and this is really great, I love how much you love God!!

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